This shoot was my dream shoot, bringing la vie en rose to life! 
I LOVE pink, and this color/aesthetic choice was so unique. Not many brides would choose hot pink and tulle or throw it back to roller derby days for their engagement photos because of expectations that they look classic and timeless; I do not agree.   
Sometimes I think these are taken too seriously. The best way to be timeless is to honor who you are at that time; if you do that, you'll have no regrets, and that's what these two did! 
This shoot took place in Joshua Tree National Park on a lame day. The wind was roaring through the desert, and her hair AND garbage were tornado-ing around them. The backdrop was flopping over mid-shot, forcing us to run down flowers, but somehow it was exactly what this shoot needed. The weather and wind resulted in the effortless windswept look you see and cast creamy cool-toned lighting to everything that made the pink pop delicately.
Despite the weather, these two weren't bothered at all, and their chemistry shone through. This one was so fun and personable. If these two come across as the type to listen intently to every detail of your story after just meeting you in line for a coffee, then I did my job well. It's part of my job to make my subjects feel comfortable, the reverse is not necessary, but they did that for me! They laughed at my jokes and listened to my stories which my ego and I genuinely appreciated.
I've been lucky that the couples that choose me are very laidback. They easily adapt when plans go awry. Ideally, we wanted a bright golden day, but instead, we got trash-nado. It's like those high school algebra problems; all the work is wrong, yet you got the correct answer! It parallels life; just because things may seem like a garbage mess when you're in the middle of it doesn't mean the result won't surprise you.
The takeaways from this engagement shoot and the advice I would give is to be vibrant! Be quirky and be extra; just be authentically you! Don't worry about what people will think or whether it's traditional or not. These two were authentic, through and through, and that's what comes across in their photos. That is the quality that will last a lifetime.

braydon and ashley